Non-Destructive Moisture Surveys

Over the years, French Engineering has had experience with a variety of non-destructive roof moisture surveys methods, including infrared (thermographic imaging), radioactive isotope (nuclear), resistivity, and capacitance methods.Our experience allows us to determine which method would be the best for your project in order to accurately assess the severity and location of moisture within the roof insulation and deck materials of your buildings. This information can be invaluable in developing a prudent replacement and repair scheme that may be capable of saving and renovating the original roof system at substantial savings when compared to total replacement options. In addition, non-destructive roof moisture surveys are capable of pin-pointing where anomalies and problem areas may exist within the roof system, so effective repairs may be made at the "right" locations.

In addition to roof moisture surveys, French Engineering has extensive experience in performing or coordinating non-destructive moisture surveys and NAHB moisture tests for various types of wall cladding systems, including plaster, Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, and lapped board siding. This type of testing may be helpful in diagnosing and locating thermal bridges, wet spots, water infiltration sources, and areas of retained moisture. Once known, these locations may be properly addressed utilizing appropriate and effective repair techniques.


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