Infrared Thermography

Our experience includes non-destructive condition surveys using digital infrared (IR) thermography. Infrared thermography allows French Engineering to pinpoint thermal anomalies on building materials, which may translate to underlying construction deficiencies or deteriorated building components.

Infrared thermography is quickly growing in popularity throughout the United States due to its cost-effectiveness and diverse range of applications. Greater efficiency and accuracy translates into savings in time and money for building owners during and after the survey process.

French Engineering infared thermography services include:

  • Roof Condition Surveys
  • Cladding Condition Surveys
  • Quality Assurance Inspections during construction
  • Condition monitoring through periodic inspections
  • Supplemental analysis during field leak test services
  • Energy Loss Surveys (air leakage, insulation anomalies, etc.)
  • Mechanical System Surveys
  • Electrical Distribution System Surveys

French Engineering is a member of and maintains a staff of qualified infrared thermographers certified by The Infraspection Institute.

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