Performance Evaluations

The engineers and designers at French Engineering can evaluate proposed building designs and construction details for anticipated performance either prior to or after construction.

Due to our special niche in the construction industry, FEI observes many different types of designs and details, and has been able to document which ones provide acceptable performance under real world conditions, and which ones do not! Our experience in this area allows us to anticipate the relative performance of alternative details so that an informed decision may be made regarding final design solutions.

We can also perform a life-cycle cost (LCC) evaluation to assist in determining the best alternative among several design choices. For example, which roof would be best for your project?: [1] a single-ply, mechanically-fastened thermoplastic roof membrane with a service life of 10 years and an initial cost of $150,000, or else [2] a three-ply, built-up membrane and granule-surfaced, modified bitumen cap sheet with a service life of 20 years and an initial cost of $190,000? What is the Present Worth and Future Value of these alternatives, including consideration of the periodic maintenance costs? French Engineering can help you sort out these types of problems, and many others that effect the performance and longevity of you building and its numerous components.


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